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13 Moons Journey

13 Moons Journey is a self-guided practice to help bring to life your hopes and dreams. Cycles of the moon and seasons, along with self generated daily, weekly and/or "moonthly" rituals will provide the pathways to help you on this journey.

13 Moons was born through a need for healing, and a knowing of nature's healing powers. In 2017, I chose to dedicate one full year towards healing my own childhood sexual trauma. As a lover of the moon, I used Nature's cyclical wisdom as inspiration for a curriculum. The year was transformational, and Moonlit Path was born. My friends saw the impact of the change, and were inspired to use the 13 Moons Journey for their own growth. Their successes inspired me to continue to share my template.

And so, with hopes that it might serve for continued healing and learning for others, I offer this free template to follow and create your own self-and-nature guided program.

Contact me if you are interested in my mentorship for your own 13 Moons process.

A rock sitting on the sand about to be wiped by the ocean wave.

 "Witnessing Marisa's journey inspired me to create a similar container for myself, with the material I was working and was working me. This is the power of the Thirteen Moons process - it's a simple, emergent form to bring forth learning we need that isn't available through humans teachers or guides. " 

- Darcy Ottey, friend and author

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Rites of Passage

Rites of passage stem from an ancient technology that offers a container for transformation, finding one's gifts and rightful place in community. They often mark significant life transitions- coming of age, weddings, coming into elderhood, funerals, etc.- and involve a stepping away from and stepping towards that is witnessed by others. By undergoing rites of passage, individuals gain a sense of belonging and connection to their communities, as these rituals often involve the active participation and support of family, friends, and mentors. Rites of passage offer a container for reflection, introspection, and self-exploration, allowing individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their identities, values, and purpose. They provide a safe and sacred space to release the past, embrace new responsibilities, and step into the next phase of life with clarity and intention. Through the challenges and transformative experiences of rites of passage, individuals develop resilience, self-confidence, and a greater sense of personal agency. These rituals foster personal growth, promote a sense of empowerment, and contribute to the overall well-being and sense of fulfillment in one's life journey.

Through my training leading youth and adult rites of passage for the last 10 years, I can help you create an authentic and meaningful experience.

A shell in the center of a flowers laid out on the sand.

If this calls to you, let's talk! Contact me.

As a rite of passage guide, Marisa encourages participants to push their edges, while ensuring that they feel safe and cared for. Her loving and playful nature allows people to open up, and immediately feel safe and comfortable. Marisa demonstrates her endless capacity to listen to, and reflect on what is said, so that youth feel like their journey toward young adulthood is understood, and supported. 

- Jessica, apprentice on a Youth Rite of Passage

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A mentor is a person to accompany you on your way of offering your gifts to the world.  Someone to witness and help guide you. It can look a lot of different ways, but usually involves setting goals and/or intentions with accountability in a supportive environment for continuous learning and growth.


As your mentor, I would be your companion, helping you achieve your aspirations, navigate challenges and changes, and strengthen the gifts you offer to the world.

 A waterfall with trees surrounding it.

Contact me if you would like to explore a mentorship.

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Marisa is such a loving spirit.  It was at the beginning of the pandemic when a beloved teacher in our community suddenly passed and we were unable to grieve together in person.  Marisa was the first person I thought of to ask for support. She was able to hold us all - 100 people - over Zoom — in a way that grounded us, built community, honored our loved ones, and kept us connected in a sacred circle. 

- Kruti Parekh, Youth Justice Coalition

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