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MoonlitPath Logo.
MoonlitPath Logo.
Marisa the founder of Moonlit Path smiling happily surrounded by nature and a beautiful  sunset.


I am Marisa Withey Byrne, or "Sasa," a light-bearer for what I call the Global Sexual Healing Revolution.

MoonlitPath Logo.

My calling is to bring love and tender holding into the shadowy places of our sexual well-being and trauma, offering healing and preventative medicine to help eradicate the sexual violence pandemic of our world. 

About Me

As an incest survivor, and someone negatively impacted by the justice system, I searched and struggled for many years to find support, healing, and true justice. As a mentor taught me - the greatest gifts come from our wound- I now seek to offer both what I did and did not find as I walked the paths of self, familial, ancestral, and community restoration. As a “light-bearer,” I am dedicated to easing the isolation, shame and suffering of survivors of sexual trauma, and supporting people – especially youth and my fellow Latinx and Indigenous communities – to thrive in healthy, holistic relationships with their sexuality. 

I grew up on the beautiful beaches of the Chumash lands on the Central Coast of California and now reside among the forests of Chemakum and S’Klallam lands in Chimacum, Washington, and have lived in many places between the two. In my journey, I have walked as a ceremonialist, educator, and rite of passage facilitator; a married woman, devoted auntie, and cat-mom; and a playful moonchild in connection to Pacha Mama and my ancestors of the Quechua and Irish peoples. 

As inspiration, I draw upon my experience living and traveling amongst ceremonial communities in South America, working with youth and adults in nature connection and rites of passage, working as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, and teaching various subjects including sex-ed in schools. I am also guided by the wisdom of reformative and transformative justice, where healing and justice happen in community, everyone has a place in the circle, and our personal struggles can become liberatory medicine for all.


And now, I dedicate my full self to this deep, transformative, humbling work of uplifting our sacred and sexual wholeness. Join me! 

Together, let us raise our voices in harmony, howling for change as we embark on the Global Sexual Healing Revolution. Jallalla!

  • Sexual trauma prevention and healing
    Co-creatrix and co-facilitator of the annual Healing Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Trauma Community Advocate for the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe Advocate for Domestic Violence and Sexual Trauma Survivors for Dove House Advocacy Services
  • Youth Work
    Sexual health educator in junior and high schools, and private programs Nature connection mentor and rite of passage facilitator Developed and taught holistic sexuality curriculum for youth Organized with other youth workers through the Youth Passageways Network
  • Healing & Spiritual Growth
    200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Shiva Rishi Yoga School Grief Tending Mentoring Program with Laurence Cole and Therese Charvet Art of Council Facilitator Training 1 & 2 through Circles of Resilience Vision fast facilitator for adults and youth Curanderismo, University of New Mexico Ayurvedic Educator Training, California College of Ayurveda
  • Peacemaking and Restorative Justice
    Facilitator of restorative circles Recipient of the Life Comes From It grant BA in Cross Cultural Studies, Saint Mary’s College of CA
Related experience, trainings, education
Guides who have shaped me and my work 

Pacha Mama

Debbi Frauman and La Guerrera, rest in peace

Darcy Ottey

Kalani Souza, Big Island, HI

Orland Bishop, ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation

Hua Anwa, Circles of Empowerment

Gigi Coyle, The Way of Council Walking Water

Thérèse Chavet and Tere Carranza, Sacred Groves

Why "Moonlit Path"?

The moon is a constant companion in the dark and night. Among many things, Mama Killa (pronounced kee-ya, Quechua for Mother Moon) shows us natural cycles of darkness and light, of waxing and waning and the power of reflection. Her darkness invites us to celebrate the mysteries of our soul and psyche, while her fullness offers silvery illumination to what we otherwise would not see. And so, to walk towards liberation and connection through the Moonlit Path requires courage and invites faith in the dance between light and shadow. 

MoonlitPath Logo.
Partners of Moonlit Path

Kruti Parekh, Youth Justice Coalition

Katie Spataro, Sacred Womb Services

Kari Stettler, Somatic Resiliency

Tere Carranza, Sacred Groves

Teresa Shiraishi, Teresa Shiraishi Counseling

Cameron Withey Byrne

Neilufar Naini

Arlene Red Elk, Mother Nation

Moonlit Path Logo.

The Logo

The Moonlit Path logo is in the form of a lunar Chakana with a moonlit path leading through the mountains. The Chakana is a principal symbol of the Andean indigenous peoples, representing the interconnectedness of all things, the integration of opposites, and the pursuit of balance, harmony and wholeness. For Moonlit Path, it symbolizes a powerful guiding force for a transformational journey. Special thanks to Aliko Weste and U Productions for its creation!

My Way with Money

I believe that reciprocity can come in different forms, and I work towards making  my offerings to be accessible to those who want it. I offer a sliding scales, and when possible, can supplement services from the Sexual Trauma Transformation Fund <link>. If you would like to work with me but cost is a barrier, please still reach out and we can find an arrangement that works for both of us.

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