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Holistic SexEd sets a path for youth to learn about the physical, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality, and to feel secure in their authentic truths by cultivating deep awareness of their bodies, boundaries and values. Sexual education has the great potential to prevent trauma. 

Young Explorers Engaging in a Holistic Learning Retreat - Embracing Mindfulness and Positive Growth.
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From a single day workshop, to a seven session course, this curriculum supports youth in developing a healthy relationship with their sexuality through finding their own yeses, nos and maybes in navigating intimacy with themselves and others. We emphasize the need and importance of consent in building of healthy relationships. This course also helps provide an opening for young folks and their parents, guardians, and other trusted adults to have engaging conversations about sexuality.

Comprehensive Sexuality Graph: Exploring Anatomy, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression, Relationships, Body Image, Pleasure, Sexual Behavior & Activity, and Sexual Reproductive Health.

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Lessons and activities include

A graphic of a heart hovering over a hand signifying values.

Exploring one's values

two chat boxes one says Q and the other has A reffering to a Q & A session.

Questions and answers (often anonymous)

Journal prompts

Practices to identify and voice our yeses and nos

Small group shares​

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Why this is so important

Young people today have access to so much information at their fingertips. It is crucial to their healthy development that they receive truthful information about sex and have safe places and adults to talk with. This work is founded upon the belief that sexuality is a natural, beautiful and primary aspect of every person, and that education is essential preventative medicine for harmful sexual behavior.

"Why don't we teach sex the way we teach math or history? It is such a deeply crucial and healing part of life and we offer no road map. I think it is core to ending violence. " Eve Ensler

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“I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Sex Education workshop held by Marisa. She is a passionate educator who engages her audience well. Her style of presentation is approachable, and she takes the time with individuals while still holding the space for the group. Marisa is really skilled at presenting information in a friendly and accessible manner. The workshop struck a balance between respect for a serious topic and the comfort of speaking with friends, while completely dispelling the taboo sex related conversations have held for a lot people growing up. Marisa did a wonderful job directing the energy of teens who had a lot to say, while keeping the shyer teens interested and involved. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about her subject, and came prepared with words, art, and pamphlets to help communicate her message. Rather than just a one off presentation, Marisa opened a continuing and very important conversation for that group in the best way possible. Marisa is a bright and passionate soul, and I feel very lucky to call her a friend.”

- Marina, youth attendee

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