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Groups for Survivors

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The Healing Circle offers a place for you to connect with other survivors on the healing journey, and know you are not alone. These groups help dissolve feelings of isolation and shame. We use the practice of a sharing circle, which offers the gift of being witnessed and being a witness to others, and bring in education and practices for healing. Here you will be nourished through validation and acceptance, as we build trust and create a safe environment together. We will generate and abide by agreements for our time, share about the trials and triumphs of our personal journeys, and learn and practice tools for our continued growth. Each circle is held weekly for 9-12 sessions, and consists of 6-12 people.

A bundle of rocks that each say a motivating word.

Healing Circles Offer

Supportive community

Empowering witnessing

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Nourishing validation

Growth-oriented tools

Healing education


Our in-person Healing Circles are held in Jefferson and Clallam counties, Washington. Our zoom Healing Circles are held periodically throughout the year.

See our upcoming events to find out if there is a circle for you, or sign up to be informed of our upcoming circles here.

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​​"Being invited to the healing circle in 2020 was a lifeline in many ways. It broke the isolation of the pandemic in a deeply intimate way and allowed me to face what had happened to me and the consequences of those events in a safe, loving, by-and-for environment. The most striking learning i've made is to notice how similar our issues were, even if we had completely different identity markers, backgrounds, ages and histories of abuse. Although our individual experiences were unique, we often shared the same challenges and felt the same shame around those challenges. Being so easily empathetic and understanding with other survivors of CSA opened a new pathway, one in which i could forgive myself, be patient with myself, care for myself. I had never understood the purpose of group therapy before that participating in that circle, but it changed my life - eventually making me a better friend, colleague and lover."

- Mycelium


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