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General Resources
  • Creative Interventions Toolkit: provides vision, tools and resources to help anyone and everyone create community-based, collective responses to domestic, family, and sexual violence

  • INCITE!: a network of radical feminists of color organizing to end state violence and violence in our homes and communities

  • Prison Studies Project: a resource list to help understanding and expanding our thinking around transformative justice

Sexual Harm Specific
  • Ahimsa Collective: offers one-on-one conversations, monthly facilitated small online support groups, opportunities for survivors to share their experience of harm in victim awareness groups held in multiple CA state prisons, facilitated dialogues with the person who harmed them, and  facilitated dialogues for community members who want to address harm they experienced or caused through our Restorative Justice in Community processes

  • Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective: a community group based out of Oakland, CA working to build and support transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse

  • Collective Justice: a restorative justice organization brought together by a diverse group of survivors and imprisoned community members in Washington State

  • Healing Courage: a growing collective of survivors designing innovative survivor-centered, informed and led restorative approaches and alternatives to the criminal legal system

  • Hidden Water Circle: through restorative Healing Circles, we transform life after child sexual abuse from an isolating experience of quiet shame into one marked by strength, dignity, and collective healing.

  • Hollow Water:  a documentary profiles the tiny Ojibway community of Hollow Water as they deal with an epidemic of sexual abuse in their midst in a restorative, healing way

  • Love With Accountability: a book that centers diasporic Black survivors, and focus on radical healing and accountability

  • Queering Sexual Violence-Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement: a collection of writings edited by Jennifer Patterson

  • Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence: a BIPOC queer, grassroots-led response to sexual and interpersonal violence

  • Valor: a national organization committed to advancing equity and ending sexual violence

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