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Individual support

For survivors seeking one-on-one support, this option is for you. I offer emotional support, helpful information about trauma and its effects, access to resources, and accompaniment to appointments. These confidential consultations can be in person, over phone or zoom, from just one session to weekly appointments. I serve anyone who has experienced sexual trauma, no matter how long it has been since the trauma occurred. This is a place where you can begin or continue your healing process, feel empowered, learn boundary skills, and make informed choices to aid in your healing.

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What's Included

One on one support

Emotional empowerment

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Access to resources

Trauma-informed guidance

Healing accompaniment


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I ask for a sliding scale fee of $45-90 per hour, however if that is a barrier, we can discuss other options. Please never let money stop you from the essential process of healing!

To schedule an appointment or a 20-minute free consultation,


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"Marisa made me feel safe on my first visit. Her calm, compassion way put me at ease right away. I felt safe, believed, and understood.  I highly recommend her. "

- Past Advocacy Client

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