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Sexual Trauma Healing, Prevention and Justice 

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Moonlit Path is a place to

Unite in healing and finding wholeness

Protect and uplift our youth’s (and all people’s) sexual well being

Connect with resources

Work towards justice and restoration in relationship

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MoonlitPath Logo.
You are most welcome here


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These various offerings include individual advocacy, group healing circles and retreats.

Find information on the Healing Retreat here.


Holistic SexEd sets a path for youth (of any age) to learn about the physical, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality, and to feel secure in their authentic truths by cultivating deep awareness of their bodies, boundaries and values.



For those who have caused sexual harm, this is a place to offer reparation and receive healing and education about sexual violence in our society and around the world. All proceeds from this fund directly serve survivors in accessing healing experiences.

Coming soon!


If you are seeking a way to mark an important transition or milestone, like a young person’s first menstruation, I offer my services to create a meaningful experience for you.

Enchanting Moonlit Path Founder, Marisa, Delighting in the Serenity of a Beautiful Lake and Sunset - Discover the Magic Behind Our Journey.

About Me

I am Marisa Withey Byrne, or "Sasa," a light-bearer for what I call the

Global Sexual Healing Revolution.


I devote myself to the transformative, humbling work of uplifting sacred sexual wholeness. As a “light-bearer,” I am dedicated to easing the isolation and suffering of survivors of sexual trauma, supporting people– especially youth– to develop and sustain healthy and holistic relationships with their sexuality, and to educate and hold healing space for those who have caused sexual harm.

I am an incest survivor, and have found healing through focusing on familial, global, and self-restoration. My offerings reflect my experience as an advocate, sex educator, council carrier, ceremonialist and rite of passage facilitator. My Bolivian/ Spanish and Irish/German ancestry, deep connection to Pachamama, and belief in restorative and transformative justice shape how I show up to my work and to the world.

MoonlitPath Logo.
MoonlitPath Logo.
MoonlitPath Logo.
MoonlitPath Logo.
MoonlitPath Logo.

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment


"Sasa is charismatic, joyful, and the best mentor, guide, and friend anyone could hope for. I had such a lovely time with her and she really opened my eyes to see the beauty in all that is. I am so glad and so lucky to have had her as a mentor and be able to call her my friend!" 

Neta, youth rite of passage attendee

"When facilitating groups, Marisa is very thoughtful and intentional in creating a trauma informed healing space that invites the whole self of each group participant. She brings a balance of playfulness and deep wisdom to her work with survivors, ."

Teresa Shiraishi, LICSW

“Marisa is an exceptional human being. She is both grounded and kind with a vast range welcoming playfulness and depth. She has an immense capacity to hold space and nurture healing. It is an honor to work alongside her and include her on my journey.” 

Zhaleh, workshop participant



(360) 218-4048


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